We are all “parents”.

As Results Parenting launches, I thought it fitting to express how I see us all as “parents”.  We are all parents because kids watch and listen to all of us.  They may be doing this at a distance, just catching a conversation or witnessing an interaction between two adults.  So whether you have kids or not, somebody’s kid is watching and listening.  The question is, then, what type of example are you setting?  This is not about you being good or bad.  I will go over the whole good versus bad thing in a later posting.  This is about how you conduct yourself.  How you move through your day, how you feel personally and what impact you have on others.  Probably the simplest thing to do is ask yourself, “Am I acting in a way that I expect others to act?”  Or, “Am I acting in a way that is respectful of myself, others and where I live?”  The latter is a bit more accurate since it requires taking responsibility.  Bottom line is that I am asking you to be a bit more conscious, more emotionally intelligent, about how you live and experience your day.  My intention is not for you to be looking over your shoulder to see whose kid is watching, but rather for you to up your own game a bit.  It could be as simple as looking at all the things that are great in your life — things you appreciate — small and large.  In one job I had, people commented about how I was always smiling.  They would ask me, what was my secret.  My answer was that I had a choice between feeling miserable or feeling great.  Great won out over miserable every time.  Even if I had to fake it at first, I knew that I was more than likely to get there fully sooner or later.  It also made my interactions with those I worked with more pleasant and productive.  So for the next couple of days, be a bit more conscious, monitor your attitude and see what reactions you get from those around you.  You just never know who you might be “parenting”.  Try this wonderful phrase from Wayne Dyer…when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  Take care of yourself and be adventurous.  Ross


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