THE Summer Must-Have (that Awesome Kid’s Programs Include)

While you’re researching your summer options for your child, be sure to look for programs that include some Free Time.

So many summer programs!  Swimming, team sports, gymnastics, dance, arts/crafts, and combinations of all kinds of things that might be fun and interesting.

And most of the programs available have every minute structured. Might they be thinking, “Why would parents want to pay for anything that is not chock-full of planned activities?” (gotta get your money’s worth, right?)

I KNOW you want this summer to be great for your child so . . .

consider a program that includes some UNSTRUCTURED TIME.

A daily chunk of free time allows your child to explore his creativity, and play — like a kid — with others.

Children need time off from supervised activities and entertainment to develop their independence.  

They need to create and initiate play and adventures with friends, have arguments, and learn how to work things out.

You want him to learn to be confident, responsible and able to solve problems.  This can happen more naturally if he can have some freedom.

Now . . . here’s an idea for creating some sweet weekend time with your child . . .

picnic up!  

Yep, this one sounds too easy to be fun.  But if you’re gonna fix lunch on Sunday, how about taking it outside on a blanket?  You COULD do the park or beach thing.  But if you’ve still got mountains of laundry, bathrooms that are gross, and tons of emails to go through, you can take your child (and your Honey!) to the back yard on a pretty day for a picnic lunch.

Maybe take everyone’s fave snack food (cookies & treats!) that’s in the kitchen and turn it into an OOP (Outrageous Outdoor Party).

OK. Go ahead and include some veggie sticks and dip too . . . so you can sleep tonight.

Some of the most fun for kids is when we do simple, spontaneous things like this. If time allows, you can ride bikes, take a walk, fly a kite or throw the frisbee around . . .

Your gang can have so much fun, and you’ll actually relax and enjoy some of those summer days, too!

Please share in the comments below about any wonderful summer programs you’ve found.  And if you have a simple fun family activity (in addition to picnic) please share that as well.


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