The happiest mums in the world?

Thanks to Abby, one of Results Parenting’s advisers,
who sent this BBC News 
story to us.

Check out what expectant mothers get in Finland.

To receive one of these awesome Maternity Boxes, you have to get to the doctor or health clinic before your 4th month.  Obviously, the whole program — now 75 years old — was put in place to reduce infant mortality.

When I first looked at this, I could feel how much fun it would be to get my box!  Like a baby shower for every mom-to-be — regardless of means.

I felt that babies in Finland were of utmost importance.  Fabulous!

Surely, many would comment on the bureaucracy and tons of government issues that must be present in Finland.

But I just wanted to share this concept of the maternity box . . . “Uniting generations of women”.

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