The bigger picture (what really makes a happy life?)

Let’s not set our kids up . . .

Now that the school year has fully cranked up, there’s one important thing we need to be real clear on.

It has to do with the bigger picture.

The one about the kind of life we truly want for our kids.

Read what Dr. Tim said about how we set our kids up to be miserable adults.

Don’t get me wrong, personal achievement is great.

However, the mantra that kids hear the most is:

Get good grades to get into this school.  Get good grades to get into that school.  Get good grades to get into a top college.  Get good grades to get a good job.

But will good grades really ensure a happy, fulfilled life?

Consider being of service to others  —  for the sheer joy of it (without pay).

Participate in an activity — music, art, sport, etc.

What about learning how to create strong and genuine relationships?  (BTW, Results Parenting teaches how to do this!)

Have a chat with your child.  Tell him how you feel (not just how you think) about the whole school/grades/success/happiness thing.

Ask him how he FEELS about it.  

While you’re having this chat, you’ll be doing something really awesome.

You’ll be strengthening your relationship with him . . . especially when you listen, share your feelings, encourage him to share his, and then validate them.

This IS about the big picture.

There’s something else I wanna share with you, from Rick Steves, advocate of independent travel, and also the writer/host of public televisions’ Rick Steves’ Europe:

He said, “My European friends seem to understand that life is good especially when you live it fully.  In my travels I’ve noticed an irony.  So often, people in the “poor world” live life boldly, with a mindset of abundance.  And here in the “rich world” many of us live our lives fearfully with a mindset of scarcity.  Embrace life with the spirit of abundance.”

It’s ALL about the relationship.


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