What You Can Expect

The goal, in either the Private or Group Intensive training, is to help parents gain skills for, and confidence in, building a strong and mutually respectful relationship with their child.  Ross and Kathleen love teaching as a “dad and mom” team, bringing their individual and collective knowledge and experience to each and every session.

Even if you have the slightest question in your mind regarding your parenting effectiveness, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain as a participant.

Each intensive program comprises 16-hours of instruction and interaction, delivered in six weekly sessions, includes reading and workbook materials, and bonus handouts.

Are you currently experiencing:

  • A teenager who’s defiant and breaks all the rules
  • A child who’s disrespectful, and refuses to cooperate
  • A toddler who demands constant, undivided attention
  • Your kids constantly fighting with each other
  • A child who always needs to be reminded (put on your coat;  don’t forget your lunch . . .)
  • The bully who pushes others around
  • A child who is the recipient of bullying
  • A whining child
  • A helpless child who always says, “I can’t”
  • A stubborn child who loves power struggles
  • A child who lies and cannot be trusted
  • An annoying child who demands to be the center of attention
  • A child who spends most of his or her time on their device (texting, games, internet)

If you recognize any of the above, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed or out-of-control, or have other issues that are driving you crazy and you’re seriously questioning your parenting effectiveness, we invite you to consider either our:

Both private and group intensives deliver the exact same material. 

Notice the word “Intensive” . . . Ross and Kathleen work at getting to the issues to get you results!

And no, this is not necessarily for everyone.

They only work with people who are ready, and sincerely wanting, to learn to do things differently. People who have a clear vision of the qualities they want their child to possess, and aren’t sure what’s needed to get the results they are desiring.


Get started right now by requesting a free copy of
Handling Feelings
and learn the two best questions to ask your upset child.


Results Parenting is for the parent who desires a strong, dynamic relationship with their child, but are having difficulty making it happen.

Know this: using punishment, bribes and rewards do not work.  (Well, maybe in the short-term, but definitely not if strengthening the relationship with your child is a priority.) There IS another way, it’s called kind, but firm.

In either the private or group intensive instruction, you’ll be challenged to feel, think and respond in ways that will actually get you the results you’ve desired since day one.

It will take a commitment to attending all sessions, doing the assigned homework, practicing your new tools, and sharing how things are going. And if for some reason Ross and Kathleen don’t do their job, you’ll be happily refunded 100% of your tuition. See our refund policy

In either the Private Intensive Instruction or the Group Intensive Instruction you will learn:

  • to resolve issues — and gain cooperation — without yelling, threatening, punishing, or bribing.
  • why your kids behave the way they do, and what the key is to switching undesirable behavior.
  • to recognize and effectively handle the 7 types of Temper Tantrums.
  • to teach your child to solve his or her own problems and mistakes, while offering guidance when needed.
  • to replace negative messages (guilt, nagging, threats, bribes) with ones that are positive and encouraging.
  • to assist your child in gaining confidence, self-reliance, and responsibility, while helping him or her become capable of monitoring their own behavior.
  • to focus on the problem, without judging your child.
  • how to create an effective, cooperative and supportive “parenting team” with your partner, significant other or spouse.
  • to help your child set clear and self-respecting boundaries, ask for what he or she wants, and can say “NO” with conviction.
  • how to teach your child skills to promote agreement, and begin watching your kids “working it out” instead of “fighting it out,” while discovering what you’ve been doing to actually promote those battles with their siblings.
  • how to implement effective (and fun!) Family Meetings.

There are immediate opportunities for new clients who wish to work with Ross and Kathleen in a Private Intensive program.  click here for more info

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