“You two have definitely impacted my daughter’s life in such a positive way, and I thank you both for that.  I find myself stepping back a lot, and not reacting or trying to “teach lessons”.

I recommend Results Parenting to anyone with kids, or thinking about having kids or even if you have family members with kids. Or friends with kids. Basically everyone.”

Katie P., Portland, Maine

“In deciding to take this training . . . I wondered if the investment of time and money would be worth it. It was!

Ben McCormack

The “one-on-one” sessions with Ross & Kathleen allowed us to deal with specific issues that were facing us as a family.

The boys don’t fight as much, and life’s more peaceful with more cooperation.

It feels good to have a common ground from which we can parent, and I’m more relaxed and confident.  I get that it’s All about the relationship.     Thank you.

Ben McCormack, CEO, Northern Physical Therapy, Lyndonville, VT

“In receiving the training privatelyand being able to focus specifically on my issues, I’ve been able to clearly implement what I learned, and I’m moving forward instead of staying stuck.

Jen McCormack

I have seen more helpful interaction between us all . . . sharing feelings and respecting the boys’ feelings more.  We have a more peaceful, relaxed household.

It was real, workable and positive. I recommend Results Parenting.”

Jennifer McCormack, VP Public Relations, Northern Physical Therapy, Lyndonville, VT

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