Private Intensive Instruction

Results Parenting Private, “one-on-one”, Intensive Training and Coaching

first, in brief
then, in detail

In brief:

To alleviate your frustration, put an end to the constant struggles, and feel like you know what you’re doing . . . read on.

Our 16-hour private intensive training program includes personal coaching that targets what’s driving you nuts right now.  You’ll receive a whole new parenting “tool bag” which will be with you forever.

“The ‘one-on-one’ sessions with Ross & Kathleen allowed us to
deal with specific issues that were facing us as a family.”    — Ben

How’s the course delivered?

Either by video conferencing – 2 to 3 hour sessions, once per week for 6 weeks
In person in Portland, Maine – 2 to 3 hour sessions, once per week for 6 weeks.
Locations outside of the Portland, Maine area please contact us.

How’s this experience unique?

    • It’s private

    • It’s personal

    • Nobody else hears your stuff (it’s just you and your instructors)

    • Totally confidential

    • Mom and Dad instructor team

    • Program is 6 weeks long

“In receiving the training privately, and being able to focus specifically on my issues, I’ve been able to clearly implement what I learned, and I’m moving forward instead of staying stuck.”  — Jen

How will you know if Results Parenting is for you?

First, by scheduling your free 30 minute consultation.
Second, by doing the pre-course work, which will determine:

    • our compatibility.

    • if we can be successful in working together.

Then, if you’ve determined Results Parenting is for you, the next steps are:

    • Submit payment of $1600.00 for your Parenting Team (same fee for 1 participant)

    • Schedule your sessions.

    • Receive Session I materials, begin working on first assignments.

For your peace of mind Results Parenting has a 100% refund policy.

“In deciding to take this training . . . I wondered if the investment of
time and money would be worth it. It was!”  — Ben

Get started right now by requesting your free copy of
Handling Feelings
and  learn the two best questions to ask your upset child.

In detail:

–  Get started by scheduling your free 30-minute consultation.

The free consultation will help you determine how you feel about working with us. Our program can be intense and challenging, and it’s of utmost importance for you to feel comfortable.  There’s no obligation.

We prefer the consultation to be via video conferencing, since this is the manner in which your course will be delivered.

If you’re not set up to video conference, we’re willing to connect by phone in order to insure the best use of the 30 minute consultation.

However, you’ll need to establish video capability and participate in a test with us prior to finalizing your participation.  We will send you information on what to do.

During your consultation we’ll discuss:

    • Who parents your child(ren)

    • The most current frustrating issue with your child.

    • What would be your dream outcome?

–  Pre-Course Work

In proceeding (after your free consultation), you will be emailed the following for completion and/or agreement.

    • Course agreements

    • Pre-Course Questionnaire

    • Personal contact information

    • Success-Killer Thoughts agreement

    • Refund Policy

    • Privacy Statement

    • Disclaimer

    • Terms and Conditions

You’re almost there . . .

If you have any questions, now’s the time to get them answered. Email or call us to set up a time.

Next, make payment and determine schedule.

–  Tuition and Scheduling

The tuition is $1600.00 for two parents participating together or one individual parent.

Full tuition for two parents = $1600.00.  Full tuition for one parent = $1600.00.

Tuition includes:

  • 16 hours of instruction by Ross and Kathleen over a 6 week period.
  • Reading and Workbook materials

We accept check or credit card.

Make check payable to:  Results Parenting, LLC

Mail to:

Results Parenting
46 Turner Street, #1
Portland, ME 04101

To pay by credit card click the button:

Note: In special situations we can schedule on-site training.  Additional travel and accommodation expenses will be separately invoiced.

And, if for some reason we get started and it just isn’t working, we’ll fully refund your tuition in accordance with our Refund Policy.

–  Refund Policy

Parenting Intensive Training and Coaching – 6 Session, 16-hour program

Our commitment is to provide the educational opportunities for those individuals desiring to examine and further their parenting skills.  If, after participating in Sessions 1, 2 and 3, of Parenting Intensive Training and Coaching, we’re not delivering what you had expected, we’ll happily refund 100% of your course tuition.

Important:  To be eligible for a refund, each participant must have been present for Sessions 1, 2 and 3, in entirety, plus completed all assignments associated with each of the sessions (tuition is non-refundable once Session 4 begins). Completed assignments must be submitted to Results Parenting within 7 days from the date of the request for refund.  In doing the work, we’re sure you’ll get extraordinary value. We don’t deserve your money if you don’t get the value.  It’s that simple.  We believe in what we do, and put a tremendous amount of time and effort into it, and we hope you’ll do this as well.  Results Parenting is for people who are ready to make a profound, and significant, improvement in the relationship with their child, themselves, and their family!

We promise that our program will show you how to connect with your child in ways that will enrich their lives, and yours, forever.

 Need some help navigating your child’s emotions?
Request your free copy of Handling Feelings.

–  Course Structure

Before each session, you’ll receive materials in pdf.

You’ll also have assignments and practice to complete before each session.

Results Parenting’s goals:

  • To teach you new and effective tools for each stage in your child’s development

  • To coach you in applying the new methods to your current issues

  • To increase your confidence, while helping you shift to a positive and trusting outlook regarding your child’s future.

–  Session Topics:

I.  What do you believe?

    • about your child, and why he or she behaves the way they do.

    • about yourself.

    • about your family’s future.

Also in this session. . .

    • Changing beliefs that are unknowingly sabotaging your success.

    • What things really shape your child’s personality?

    • Examining your self-care.  Why — and how — you must take care of yourself.

II.  Getting your child to feel good about himself

    • praise is actually bullsh#%!

    • get real and vulnerable in how you talk

    • getting aware of, and replacing, messages that just flat-out discourage

    • encouragement that kicks butt

III.  Why does your child behave that way?

    • stop reacting . . . do this instead

    • how you feel emotionally is the key

IV.  So here’s what you do

    • how to crank your communication mojo – Part 1

    • 3 steps to resolve a battle

V.   Transforming your family

    • unify with your partner . . . or agree to disagree

    • blaming and finding fault in another is a complete waste;  critique the process, not each other

    • communication mojo cranking – Part 2

VI.  It’s a wrap

    • let’s target another issue that’s bothering you

    • you do know what to do (confidence rocks!)

    • there’s absolutely nothing more important than this one thing (EVERYTHING is about this!)

–  Your Investment

Pre-Course Work

We respect your time and money.  And we want you to feel good about who we are and what we’re about.  The goal of our Pre-Course Work is to determine, and establish, our compatibility in both personality and philosophy.  It’s our commitment to clarity that helps to ensure your success. ($500 Value)

Six session Parenting Intensive Training and Coaching program

This educational opportunity is the result of nearly 30 years experience and tens of thousands of dollars of personal investment.  When participating in this particular program, you’ll receive the benefit of our personal education, professional careers, advanced training in personal growth and relationships, and parenting education certification and instructing.  We bring you exclusive perspectives from our broad range of life experiences, including our adventures — and challenges — in being parents of two daughters. We’re constantly learning and evolving, and are committed to offering the best private learning experience to help you achieve your family relationship goals.  ($2,500 Value)

Bonus Material

The bonus parenting handouts that accompany each session are the the result of hours upon hours of ongoing research, review and development.  We will select material that specifically relates to your current needs.  In addition, our graduates receive regular communications containing advanced parenting tips, and help on remaining focused on what’s most important . . . the relationship. ($1,000 Value)

Personal Coaching and Support

Anyone can learn about new methods from a book or video. But if you want mastery, a coach will help you “try on” ideas, and encourage you in establishing new priorities. In alleviating the guesswork, a coach actively guides you in implementing effective tools for your parenting, and for communicating with your child. A coach will be supporting you in replacing old “reaction” habits, expanding your current comfort zone, to gain measurable results. And better yet, with Results Parenting, you’ll get distinctive perspectives from two coaches: a mom and a dad! ($2000 Value)

Total Program Value:   $6,000

Total Cost:  $1,600

Helping your child with his or her feelings can be confusing,
especially if you have difficulty with your own.
Request your free copy of Handling Feelings
and learn some basic skills that work.


It’s all about the relationship.