Group Intensive Instruction

Results Parenting Group Intensive Instruction

Group intensive instruction is one session per week, for six consecutive weeks, totaling 16 hours, workbook and materials included.

Taught by Ross and Kathleen, giving you the perspective from both “mom and dad”, enhancing the overall experience and value.

Maximum participants, 24.

It is preferable to have the “parenting team” participate together so they are receiving all the information at the same time.  Single parents are encouraged to bring a parenting supporter with them. This could be a grandparent, caregiver, or other person whom they turn to for help with their child.

“In deciding to take this training . . . I wondered if the investment of
time and money would be worth it. It was!”  — Ben

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–  Pre-Course Work

Once you are signed up you will be directed to our Course Information and Agreements form. It is relatively short and addresses:

    • Contact Information

    • Family Information

    • Course Agreements

    • Terms

–  Refund Policy: Group Intensive Instruction

Group Intensive Instruction – 6 Session, 16-hour program

Our commitment is to provide the educational opportunities for those individuals desiring to examine and further their parenting skills.  If, after participating in Sessions 1, 2 and 3, a participant’s expectation is not being met, we’ll happily refund 100% of that participant’s tuition.

Important:  To be eligible for a refund, a participant must have been present for Sessions 1, 2 and 3, in entirety, plus completed all assignments associated with each of the sessions (tuition is non-refundable once Session 4 begins). Completed assignments must be submitted to Results Parenting within 7 days from the date of the request for refund.  In doing the work, we’re sure each participant will get extraordinary value. If we’re not giving value then we don’t deserve to be paid. It’s that simple. We believe in what we do, and put a tremendous amount of time and effort into it, and we expect each participant to do this as well.  Results Parenting is for people who are ready to make a profound, and significant, improvement in the relationship with their child, themselves, and their family!

We promise that our program will show each parent how to connect with their child in ways that will enrich their lives, and their child’s, forever.

Actually, you and members of your group can get started right now by each requesting your free copy of Handling Feelings. You will immediately find out what questions to ask your child when he or she is upset and trying to express their feelings.


–  Course Structure

Before each session, each participant will receive materials in pdf.

There will also be assignments and practice to complete before each session.

Results Parenting’s goals:

  • To teach new and effective tools for each stage in the child’s development.
  • To increase confidence, while shifting to a positive and trusting outlook regarding the child’s future.

–  Session Topics:

I.  What do you believe?

    • about your child, and why he or she behaves the way they do.
    • about yourself.
    • about your family’s future.

Also in this session. . .

    • Changing beliefs that are unknowingly sabotaging your success.
    • What things really shape your child’s personality?
    • Examining your self-care.  Why — and how — you must take care of yourself.

II.  Getting your child to feel good about himself

    • praise is actually bullsh#%!

    • get real and vulnerable in how you talk

    • getting aware of, and replacing, messages that just flat-out discourage

    • encouragement that kicks butt

III.  Why does your child behave that way?

    • stop reacting . . . do this instead

    • how you feel emotionally is the key

IV.  So here’s what you do

    • how to crank your communication mojo – Part 1

    • 3 steps to resolve a battle

V.   Transforming your family

    • unify with your partner . . . or agree to disagree

    • blaming and finding fault in another is a complete waste;  critique the process, not each other

    • communication mojo cranking – Part 2

VI.  It’s a wrap

    • Some review

    • Sharing and Discussion

This educational opportunity is the result of nearly 30 years experience and tens of thousands of dollars of personal investment.  In this particular program, each participant will receive the benefit of our personal education, professional careers, advanced training in personal growth and relationships, and parenting education certification and instructing.  We bring exclusive perspectives from our broad range of life experiences, including our adventures — and challenges — in being parents of two daughters. We’re constantly learning and evolving, and are committed to offering the best learning experience for achieving family relationship goals.

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It’s all about the relationship.