Mommy, are we safe?

It’s been a pretty tough week for all of us.  The tragic events in Boston, also in West, Texas, felt awful.  Many times I heard comments on how our world isn’t safe anymore.

I want to say something about that right now.  Yep, when terrible things happen, it FEELS like we’re not safe anymore.  But in reality, our world is much safer.  Check out what Dr. Tim Jordan says as he puts this into a healthy perspective.

There’s no way . . . even though we wish there were . . . to guarantee to your child that they’ll always be safe.

So today, or the next few days if the opportunity presents itself, talk to your kids about what happened.  If they’re upset, or scared and need soothing, say something like, “Wow. I hear you’re really upset about this”, or “Sometimes I get afraid too”.  This way, you’ll be encouraging self awareness.  An important step toward emotional intelligence.

Results Parenting is in a big transition now!  Really soon you’ll have an opportunity to check out all the great things we offer.  You’ll find out how you can feel GREAT about your parenting, while you gain skills to help your child learn to be confident, powerful, responsible and feel awesome about who they are.

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