Is Being Right Getting You What You Want?

I like to be RIGHT! I really like to have the BEST answer. I really like to have the BEST way of doing something. Doesn’t everyone? Especially us parents. Isn’t that our job?

Wanting, and needing, to be right all the time didn’t work very well with my relationships. Especially as a parent.

Father Son Listening

In parenting, when “being right” becomes the top priority, you run the risk of weakening the relationship. My question to parents when this topic comes up is always . . .

Is it more important to be right, or to be close?

Your child feels he’s right.

You feel you’re right.

Guess what we’ve got now?

TaDa! Another power struggle. And nobody wins.

This quote from Abraham-Hicks says it oh-so-well:

Even in your rightness about a subject, when you try to push your rightness toward another who disagrees, no matter how right you are, it causes more pushing against. In other words, it isn’t until you stop pushing that any real allowing of what you want can take place.¬†—Abraham

So the next time you find yourself making being right at all costs, stop. Take a deep breath. Take a step back and say . . .

“I’m sorry, I got a bit carried away with wanting to be right. What do you think about this whole thing that we seem to be at odds about?”

Then just listen. Remember, deep down you want to be emotionally closer to your child and not push them away.

It’s all about the relationship.

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