Teen dating abuse and violence

We cannot assume that because our relationship with our partner is healthy and respectful, that our kids will automatically know what’s healthy and respectful when it comes to using technology.

Because we didn’t have cell phones when we were dating. We didn’t text each other back and forth.

There are a whole new set of dating “rules” because of technology.

Bringing yourself up to speed on these issues has got to be priority.  Then you must teach your child, hopefully beginning before they’re dating, how to set limits, and to clearly define what they’re wanting in a dating relationship (what they want, not you), and how important it is for them to pay attention to how they’re feeling when they get texts, and other communication, from their dating partner.

Here’s a 20 minute video that I found enlightening.  A well-spent 20 minutes.

You might also want to visit The Date Safe Project and also learn about the “red flags” in Break the Cycle.

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Kids, media and technology. Is it even possible to manage screen time?

This may seem crazy, but kids today spend about 60 hours of screen time a week.  I believe it, because I know how much I’m on. So how do you, as a parent, figure out how to best monitor your child’s screen time without it ending up in a huge battle?

Relief is on the way. Here is an amazing resource to help you navigate, create balance, and find out what’s age-appropriate for your family. The great thing about this resource is that they stay right on top of things. And you know how frustrating that can be with how fast the technology seems to morph right before your very eyes.

Common Sense Media!

They can help you with all media:  apps, games, websites, movies, DVD’s, music, television, books, you name it.  They “rate, educate and advocate for kids, families and schools.”  Along with their ratings, there are reviews.

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Parenting tips for back to school

Wow, the summer is over, the kids are back in school, and everyone in your home is adjusting back into that familiar daily schedule.

From your child’s perspective, it can be a roller coaster of emotions from the highs of getting back with friends, to the lows – and stress — of not so great grades.

You remember how tough it could be being a kid in school.

So now, as a parent, what can you do help your kid achieve success and feel good?

Encourage these three important skills.

reading, listening and expressing

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