We’re Ross and Kathleen Fields.

We’re about giving you a game plan . . . to relieve your frustration, end the chaos, and put your life back under control.

It takes courage and determination, every single day, to be a parent.

But is that courage and determination enough?

With our coaching and your desire for change, you’ll soon feel relief from frustration and worry.

Results Parenting teaches parents what to do . . . and how to do it.

Our Story

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Our Story

img138We know. As professionals, we knew how to problem-solve, to “figure it out”, and get things done.  As parents, it was a different story.  As issues surfaced and conflicts escalated, the more we tried to control the situation, the worse it got.  We began questioning our ability to parent effectively.  We just couldn’t come up with what was missing. Having both grown up in loving families, we felt that we were fully prepared for this job of parenting.

Our quest for answers led us to a behavioral pediatrician, who promoted a program that “deliberately parented in a kind but firm way”.

He demonstrated methods to end frustrating and maddening situations, and deal with issues, without using punishment, permissiveness, or the offering of bribes and rewards.


We were intrigued.  What he presented felt respectful, loving and intelligent all at the same time. It felt right. We wanted this for our family.

As Certified Parenting Educators, we teach the same life-changing methods we learned in our class, combined with our own parenting experience.


  • We teach privately, focusing on our client, their family, and issues going on right now.  

  • We teach as a team (mom and dad), exclusive for this type of education program.

Changing families . . . and lives . . . one relationship at a time.

Ross:  My training in electronics, degree in engineering, studies in human development
and desire for new challenges, led me to positions in the military, industry, private business, non-profit organizations, education and small-scale farming.

It’s rewarding to teach material that touches all aspects of not only my life, but the lives ofimg146_9_1 my students as well.  Teaching this program has significantly enhanced my roles as father, partner, friend, employer, employee, and community member.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a student learn something new, apply it and get affirming results.

I look forward to the opportunity to engage, together, in the learning process.

Kathleen:  My most challenging, yet rewarding, job has been as mother to two daughters, now adults. When they were small, I searched for new tools, an “owner’s manual”, to help guide me, to tell me what to do, in my parenting.  I felt inadequate, challenged, and a bit embarrassed.  After all, I’d been a 7th, 8th and 9th grade teacher, in a very large district, for 9 years, working with hundreds of students each year, and now felt stumped by these two little freedom seeking beings.

img147_10_1Receiving the parenting training developed from the work of Rudolf Dreikurs, and created by Kathryn J. Kvols, not only gave me the skills I was looking for, but inspired a desire for certification, to teach others who were searching for the same thing.  Here was the groundwork:  sensible, yet effective, methods, to raise kids to feel confident, have respect — and understanding — of themselves and others, and who wouldn’t be afraid to experience life at its fullest.

As a Team:  We believe that creating the lives we desire requires a deliberate awareness of the thoughts we think.  Just as gravity draws physical objects to earth’s surface, Abraham-Hicks teaches, through the law of attraction, that by what we think our reality is created: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” We continue to learn about ourselves, and evolve in the ability to deliberately create our own life experience, while continuing to enhance our strength in training others to build close, meaningful relationships. We’re constantly using the methods we teach:  with each other, with our adult daughters, and with others in our community.   We’re clear that “it’s all about the relationship.”  It’s the foundation of what and who we are.

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Our Company

Results Parenting was conceived from our desire to effectively parent in a more deliberate manner. Through our program, we share our experience and knowledge with those who desire the same.

Results Parenting believes that your most important job is parenting.

Society sets goals to earn degrees, licenses and credentials. Excellence in our fields of study, mastery and high achievement is the predominant expectation. Isn’t it interesting, however, that more time, money, and energy are spent on hobbies than on improving strengths and skills in parenting?

Our programs are leading edge, and most definitely not for everyone.

We guide parents to take a hard look at their relationship with their child, identifying what pieces clearly need help and renewal. Then, they’ll define their deepest desire and vision for their child’s future, while applying the tools to create a closer and stronger relationship.

We believe the kids we raise today can be prepared emotionally for this ever-evolving, interconnected, global experience that lies ahead. Honest and loving communication is essential.

Our programs

Results Parenting developed our programs through the inspiration and research of Alfred Adler (1870-1937), philosopher and psychiatrist; Rudolf Dreikurs (1897-1972), psychiatrist, educator and author of Children: The Challenge;  and Kathryn J. Kvols, founder of International Network for Children and Families, through which we received our training as Certified Parenting Educators.  Additionally, Ms. Kvols is the author of Redirecting Children’s Behavior. We are forever grateful to her:  for her guidance and loving insight, and for profoundly leading the way in strengthening relationships and families.

Additionally, the principles of emotional intelligence, as presented by Daniel Goleman, and deliberate creation, as inspired by Esther Hicks (and Jerry and Abraham)are woven into the fiber that makes up Results Parenting.

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Ross and Kathleen Fields are perceptive, forthright, and encouraging human beings. They’ve raised two wonderful, well-adjusted daughters and have helped mold the lives of dozens if not hundreds of people, both children and adults, through their teaching and mentoring. Gifted educators and communicators, they know how to reach people and inspire them — and have the commitment to humanity to do just that.
Charles Fergus, Communications Consultant

Tim and Anne Jordan are both happy to be involved with Results Parenting and Ross and Kathleen Fields.  They provide quality and effective programs for parents and we support them and all they can offer to parents.  Who couldn’t learn more about being the kind of parent that creates happy, global citizens as we raise our children?  We wholeheartedly support Results Parenting and are happy to contribute in any way we can to serve this mission.
Anne Jordan, R.N., and Tim Jordan, M.D., Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician; both Anne and Tim are co-founders of Children & Families, Inc. 

Kathleen and Ross Fields are people with intelligence, passion, and integrity. Over the years, they have inspired me with their kindness and instructed me with their wealth of information, resources, and innovative ideas.  As my daughter’s teacher for six years, Kathleen was a major formative influence in both of our lives.  She helped my daughter believe in herself (and believe in adults!), for which I will always be grateful.  So many times, I would come away from watching her work, more convinced than ever that the only real teaching and learning involves lively interaction and meaningful connection. And that in order to teach, you have to establish trust and mutual respect. Ross and Kathleen both have these gifts. They make it safe to be open, to want to learn and change.
Rhonda Korol, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

I have known Ross and Kathleen since 2006, as Kathleen was one of my daughter’s high school teachers.  I have great admiration for Kathleen’s clear vision, her unbounded energy and enthusiasm, her inspiration to excellence and her honesty.  I have experienced first hand over several years her skills at connecting people and helping them to achieve their goals while staying true to their authentic selves.  During those years, Ross had many creative ideas, and even though he was in the background, he was instrumental on several occasions in the problem solution area. I would recommend Ross and Kathleen without hesitation in their Results Parenting endeavor.
Molly K. Lebowitz, Esq., Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew. P.C.

I have known Ross and Kathleen since 1991, as teacher, friend, student and colleague. I continue to be impressed by their commitment to exploring, teaching and modeling the development of healthy relationships.  They aspire to living what they teach.  I have always admired the depth, strength, and gentleness of their skillfulness, plus the fact that either as individuals or a team they make themselves available to whoever asks for guidance. They teach and guide others with a great honesty and lack of judgment that itself is inspiring. In the realm of parenting instruction and experience I think you could not ask for two more skillful, caring and knowledgeable individuals.
Mark Shafer, Ph.D.

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Advisory Board

Tim Jordan     •     Rhonda Korol     •     Mark Shafer     •     Lisa Thuer

Tim Jordan, MD, is a Developmental and Behavioral pediatrician, Dr. Tima sub-specialty of pediatrics. Dr. Jordan received his MD from the University of Missouri – Columbia and his pediatric residency in Florida. His two years in Fellowship training included one year at the Oregon Health Sciences Center in Portland, OR. He went on to train with T. Berry Brazelton, MD at Harvard Medical School in Boston. His practice focuses on the counseling of children, teens and their parents on behavioral issues, including discipline, aggression, self esteem issues, social concerns, teenage issues, family relationships and more. He has spoken in 40 states and six countries, authored five books (his newest: Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women: Guiding the Transformation of Adolescent Girls – available at Amazon, Nook, Kindle and Dr. Tim’s website), and has appeared on many radio and TV programs.

In 1991, Dr. Tim and Anne Jordan created Camp WeLoKi (We Love Kids!) which provides summer camps and weekend retreats for children and teens for personal growth and healthy life skills. They have also created the Strong Girls, Strong World program where they go directly into the classroom to work with girls on relationship aggression, friendship issues and creating a caring community. Dr. Tim has also been a resource for the Entrepreneur and Young Presidents Organizations.

Photo of Rhonda Korol, PhDRhonda Korol, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Human Services at Lyndon State College in northeastern Vermont, has worked with a wide variety of children, parents, and families. She began as a second grade teacher in an inner city school, and her lively approach to teaching and learning still works with her college students thirty-five years later. As a practicing clinical psychologist and college professor, she is able to use her experience to inform her teaching, and apply her theoretical knowledge and research to her psychotherapy practice which addresses problems with depression, anxiety, trauma, and marital conflict. Mentoring college students and counseling teens and adults are wonderful ways to promote self-awareness, growth, competence, and healthy relationships. These are also the core skills underlying Results Parenting, and she is pleased to support and promote this important resource for parents and families.

Photo of Mark Shafer, PhDMark Shafer, PhD, received his Doctorate in Psychology from the University of California, Irvine. He has taught and conducted research at M.I.T., the University of California, and Washington University, with professional publications on extraordinary personal experience and self-actualization and also in science. He has studied a variety of approaches to well-being and personal growth, especially in the fields of humanistic and transpersonal psychology. His own teaching career began in 1974, focused primarily in psychology but also including economics and sociology, and he has had over 5000 students. A popular workshop leader and continuing education instructor, he has consulted for corporations, conducted a variety of publicly offered personal development and training/education programs, and for over 20 years provided individual consultations for individuals and couples.

Photo of Lisa ThuerLisa R. Thuer, MSW, M.Ed currently works in higher education providing programming and consulting in an effort to increase diversity and inclusion. Her responsibilities include student-athlete empowerment and advocacy. She is focused on educating and guiding students to become active leaders in their community. Prior to her current employment, Lisa worked as an advocate for women and children in need. She provided a variety of social services including counseling, holistic therapy and education to the homeless, victims of intimate partner abuse, women and children facing deportation, and women with crisis pregnancies. In addition to her passion for advocacy and empowerment, Lisa is a certified athletic trainer and spinning instructor. She actively utilizes her fitness knowledge to promote positive self-image and balance for youth and women. Lisa holds a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and a Master of Education degree from Holy Names University (Oakland, CA). Lisa currently resides in Pikeville, KY, and teaches at University of Pikeville.

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It’s all about the relationship.