Are you excited about the holidays…maybe?

The HolidaysGetting What You (and Your Family) Want

Depending upon your age, phrases such as:  Santa Claus is coming to town, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, Grandma wants us to visit during the holidays, can we bake cookies, and let’s get out the decorations…can invoke fun, excitement and mystery if you are six.  Or, sheer panic if you are, let’s say, over 26.  The latter happens simply because as you get older life becomes more complicated. The excitement and wonder you had when you were six has dimmed a bit.  Also, when you were six, it seemed like an eternity from Thanksgiving to Christmas day.  For those of us who are older, it can seem like the Christmas holidays begin the weekend after Thanksgiving . . . there just is not enough time to get all the shopping done, make dishes for all of the parties, visit all of the relatives, and feel any spiritual significance . . . it seems to happen in a blur.  Plus, when it is finally all over, you might feel disappointment because it just did not turn out the way you had pictured it, the way is was when you were six.  Who cares about angels getting their wings every time some stupid little bell rings, anyway.

So, to help make your Holiday Season a bit more fun and more memorable, I suggest the following:

Step 1.  Make a list of things that are important and meaningful to you.  Pick the top three.

For example, when we lived inVermont, my top three things were: to gather pine boughs from our woods for the barn wreath, to cut down and decorate our Christmas tree, and to listen to holiday music.

Have each member of your family make their list (and pick their top three things).  Put the lists together to see where they line up and where they don’t.  Some negotiating may be needed.

Step 2.  Schedule when you will do the items on your list, on the family list, by writing them on the calendar.  If you happen to be a family of four then the most you will have to schedule will be the “twelve things for Christmas”.

Step 3.  Work the schedule.  Since it is the Holidays, there are always things that come up unexpectedly.  So remain flexible, but don’t just drop something from the list.  Re-schedule it.  This is about taking care of yourself and being an example for how to do it.

Note:  Resist the temptation to over-schedule.  Save your list and revisit it the following year.

Here’s to enjoying theHolidayseason and making it look the way you want it to.

Happy Holidays from Results Parenting

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